Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC

Orientation guides for a chapter of the nation’s largest nonprofit mentoring program. Each guide offers on-boarding information geared toward its respective audiences: for Bigs (the mentor), Littles (the mentee), and parents/guardians.

While the content varies between each guide, the intended audience is delineated by color and follows the system’s typographic hierarchy, allowing a seamless distribution of materials from BBBS to the participant. Interior spreads are seamlessly designed to include text, image, and/or both, giving BBBS the power to update content without disrupting the layout. In simplifying, the reader is able to easily engage with the presented content.

In addition, a separate illustrated guide was created with content appropriate for an even younger audience. Illustrations narrate possible scenarios between different relationships–parent to child, peer to peer, and on social media–to provide emotionally healthy approaches in potentially uncomfortable situations.