Celebrating the program that provides opportunities for unemployed New Yorkers
Brooklyn Workforce Innovations
Annual Report

Print / Illustration

Front cover and interior panels.

BWI empowers low-income and unemployed individuals with opportunities for long-term career potential. Their award-winning training programs offer trades in woodworking, film and TV production, cable installation, welding, and more. The 2018 annual report theme Working, Together celebrates the partnership between this large community that helps folks to enter or re-enter the workforce – transforming not only the lives of individuals, but also overcome broader systemic social and economic injustice.
Unlike many lengthy annual reports, the goal for this year was to showcase the necessary amount of information concisely and within a trifold
. The report is used as a reference point in meetings, engaging a potential funder through enticing statistics, storytelling, and testimonials.

Custom icons, representing each program offered by BWI.

The gears (inspired by the BWI logo) and program-specific icons "work together" to form the cover's composition. 

Reinforcing the concept of Working, Together. the report takes on a customized, illustrative approach – each icon created represents a workforce program or specialty offered through BWI, with the lines and gears (inspired by their logo) literally working together to form the composition. The interior spreads follow the same leading lines that connect each piece of content, inviting the reader to flow through the report seamlessly.

Trifold when fully opened.

Programs and their respective icons, mirroring the front cover's composition.

Infographic and icon details.

Keep lurking.

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