Streamlining the transparency of nonprofit giving
Mobile Application

Identity / UX Strategy / Design / Prototyping
Charity Navigator is the largest charity evaluator in the US, providing transparency to the way nonprofits directly impact our communities. Although the organization’s mission provides meaningful insight, the site’s outdated information architecture and complicated navigation gives users a confusing experience.
Navigate the prototype:
Through a comprehensive process in understanding how charitable donations make an impact, the sitemap is reconsidered by categorizing actions into separate tabs of the menu. GiveSmart collects this information as an app for an organized, intuitive user experience. To alleviate confusing drop-downs and the multitude of ways to navigate the site, GiveSmart creates typographic hierarchy by giving users less information at a time (the search for example), so the focus becomes filtered step-by-step, rather than visual overload all at once.

User flow.

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